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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Five tips on how to improve your credit bureau score

Paying back a smaller credit properly
An effective way to improve your own credit bureau score to take a smaller loan matures (eg for a mobile phone) and properly. Properly means exactly to follow in paying the payment plan - neither too late nor too early repay.

Pay all bills on time
The timely paying all bills has a positive effect on your credit bureau score. Therefore Pay all bills always within the specified period, and you will be rewarded with a good credit rating.

Announce unnecessary credit cards
Too many credit cards are not only expensive, they also lower your credit bureau score. therefore Announce credit cards that you do not really need, and you improve your credit bureau score.

let small errors corrected immediately
If you find an unauthorized entry into your credit bureau data, let change this immediately! Make sure your credit bureau data is always correct.

Avoid Multiple credit inquiries as
Warning: Multiple credit inquiries at different financial institutions may adversely affect your credit bureau score, as this may be considered a vulnerability due to lack of credit. Before you seek a quote, check whether this request is Schufa neutral. Ask if in obtaining the offer a "Request credit" or "request credit conditions" will be sent to the credit bureau, the credit institution. Only the "request credit conditions" affect your credit bureau score is not negative.
Learn more next week about the correct composition of your investment portfolio.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to improve your credit score effectively

Firstly, Improve score and get better loan deals. If the score value is important issued by credit bureau, which works with banks and other companies and stores data on all participating in the economic life of people. It covers in general all those who, for example, concluded a mobile phone contract or signed a loan agreement. Against payment credit bureau companies such as banks, mail order companies and telecommunications companies, provides data on the saved persons. Apply for consumer credit, the respective bank is then usually with chexsystems in conjunction asking you the score of the applicant to assess its creditworthiness. The calculated value includes various credit-related information and to provide information about how high is the risk of default of the respective loan. Who wants to improve his individual result can for several reasons. For one, the score value can decide whether the credit Interested party ever obtained a loan. Secondly, interest rates are often assigned credit ratings. The better the score value, the more favorable it is the interest. Who wants to improve his score and get a loan on better terms, has several options.

check score value and Obtain self-disclosure

Who wants to improve his score, should not be expected from one day to the best results. Before credit buyers can improve their score, they should check for this at credit bureau initially. For this brings to a self-assessments and specifies that the score value is to be calculated. For this operation, the checksystems usually charged a small fee. The base core is between 0 and 100. Where 0% being the worst and 100% the best result. Who determines that the value is far below 100% and would like to improve this, should then proceed step by step. Are located in the chexsystems report obvious errors, should be allowed to correct them promptly.

improve score - Step by Step

The following tips consumers can improve their score. First of all it is important to avoid all negative influences. Consumers who want to improve their personal value should use all existing credit and mobile phone contracts properly. An affidavit and an enforcement procedure can have negative effects on the credit score. If you want to improve his score, consumers should possible on many small loans - for example, mail order houses - without. For frequent place of residence and current account changes can also have a negative impact on the creditworthiness. Resistance is estimated often positive. Unnecessary credit cards and checking accounts should terminate. Excessive current accounts and forgotten installments should be compensated or paid subsequently as soon as possible.

Writer: John