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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Five tips on how to improve your credit bureau score

Paying back a smaller credit properly
An effective way to improve your own credit bureau score to take a smaller loan matures (eg for a mobile phone) and properly. Properly means exactly to follow in paying the payment plan - neither too late nor too early repay.

Pay all bills on time
The timely paying all bills has a positive effect on your credit bureau score. Therefore Pay all bills always within the specified period, and you will be rewarded with a good credit rating.

Announce unnecessary credit cards
Too many credit cards are not only expensive, they also lower your credit bureau score. therefore Announce credit cards that you do not really need, and you improve your credit bureau score.

let small errors corrected immediately
If you find an unauthorized entry into your credit bureau data, let change this immediately! Make sure your credit bureau data is always correct.

Avoid Multiple credit inquiries as
Warning: Multiple credit inquiries at different financial institutions may adversely affect your credit bureau score, as this may be considered a vulnerability due to lack of credit. Before you seek a quote, check whether this request is Schufa neutral. Ask if in obtaining the offer a "Request credit" or "request credit conditions" will be sent to the credit bureau, the credit institution. Only the "request credit conditions" affect your credit bureau score is not negative.
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