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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Efunds chexsystems and banks that dont use chexsystems 2011

According to chexsystems info blog analytic, currently it is known that the highest searches and most popular keywords is Efunds chexsystems and banks that dont use chexsystems 2011.I know it's not that much of a traffic since there were a lot more informative yet earlier blog/website develop intentionally to provide American people info on banks that dont use chexsystems 2011 and Efunds chexsystems. This blog is only started and joining the big wagon to provide good info on chexsystems and checking accounts for America banks that had different offers and rule.

Although people had a lot of choices through out the web to dig info on how to get second chance bank account, or to remove their names from chexsystems list, but this blog also helps a lot of people since it is made online last few years.Hopefully this blog will keep helping people to get the right bank, the right compilation of banks for people who needs help.Thus will get them to get out of chexsystems and get to open a new checking accounts.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Non chexsystems checking account -Norwest Bank

If you are in Wisconsin,or near to it, there is one bank that offers no chexsystems. Norwest Bank that located in Milwaukee reportedly offers their "Get Checking" money management class.They will for those with a negative in their ChexSystems record. They will grant an account after completion of the class. Norwest has locations throughout the state and in a good part of the country, so we'ld like to hear if this option is available elsewhere too!

Also, apparently at some Wisconsin branch locations of TCF National Bank, some account reps are eager to open new accounts and will skip the ChexSystems verification process. The branch locations at the Jewel Osco stores don't use ChexSystems at all, we're told. Also, the branch location at 5500 West Capitol Court in Milwaukee is very good! If you learn of any other branches where this happens, let us know! Also, be aware of their "funds availability" policy for new accounts. You most likely aren't going to have access to your money until two weeks after your first deposit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Non chexsystems checking account

Some searches is looking for Chex systems some checksystems, but actually they are looking for chexsystems.But no matter what keywords they used inside the search engine, their purpose is one.If you are new to this chexsystems info, you might need to bookmark this blog first.Chexsystems info will be updating a list of non chexsystems checking account which means a no chexsystems banks used by the bank.I will update time to time list of non chexsystems banks available for you.Upon information published, then you can gather it and choose the best banks to go for a bank accounts opening.

Chexsystems e-fund is a headache for some people.Simply because some of them had bad records on their credit report.So, by listing out a list of non chexsystems checking account , it might help those in needs to deal with banks.Their records is save and unquestionable whenever there is no chexsystems checking account implement to those banks i will update here in this list of non chexsystems info blog.Hope this might help people out there to deal with chexsystems checking account problems.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Banks that do not use chexsystems-Complete list part 2

There was a lot of searches on  free list of banks that don't use chexsytems.I've got it guys, they were actually trying to get a hold on a free list of Chexsystems banks that actually do not use chexsytems in their bank. Here are some of the bank in the United States that  doesn't use chexsystems. This is a free list of Banks that don't use chexsytems in Massachusetts.

Bank Of New Hampshire

Some banks in Massachusetts that we have been told do not use chexsystems. If, you know of a bank that we have listed that does use chexsystems please email me. If you know of a bank in Massachusetts that doesn't use chexsystems and we don't have it listed please let us know so we can list it here for others. Thank you.

Hope this will help people out there!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

ChexSystems:What actually ChexSystems?

What actually ChexSystems?According to  Wikipedia, ChexSystems is a check verification service and consumer credit reporting agency (a US credit bureau or UK credit reference agency ) such as Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.Paydex score from Dun and Bradstreet and the Experian Intelliscore also synonyms with ChexSystems which i can check and verify yourCommercial credit reports and scoring .However there was also still a non chexsystems among banks.ChexSystems was also known as eFunds' ChexSystems.

ChexSystems basically provides data related to how a consumer has handled deposit accounts at banking institutions.As for now almost 80% of all commercial banks and credit unions in the United States uses ChexSystems.

It was reported by eFunds ChexSystems that their services are used in 9,000 banks, including over 100,000 individual bank branches in the United States. There were many types of ChexSystems products offered by eFunds which is DebitBureau, DebitReport, FraudFinder, Identity Theft, ID Verification, ICMS, ProspectChex, QualiFile, and Transaction Monitoring.It was a very useful system for consumer checking or savings account application process which is vital on verifying credit relationships status.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chexsystems-Bad Credit Bank Accounts

Technically talking, ChexSystems is a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) even though the data it only keeps stalk of patrons who have had an unhelpful banking record.

Negative banking histories can open a pool account at any lean regardless of your credit report. The 3 chief repute bureaus.

So, can a, someone with terrible status open a checking account? Yes, while the stack does not twitch your acclaim.
This is because most gear, you can embrace accounts that have been reported for extreme NSFs, outstanding debt, account abuse and fraud.

In most banks and ChexSystems, is that the praise bureaus (Experian, Equifax and Transunion) only keeps report of a consumer’s trust account, while ChexSystems maintains a list of banking histories. And disparate the honor bureaus, ChexSystems does not keep tale of accounts in good standings, which means it collects is a bit different from The main difference between the glory bureaus and thanks unions use ChexSystems to verify new accounts. There are some banks that actually use both ChexSystems and prestige inform, but This is not regular.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Non chexsystems banks-2010 list

For people who are looking for more free list of non chexsystems banks, here some of it.It's a big list, but not really up to date whether it is still a non chexsystems banks or not.If you find any of these banks near your place, why not give it a try?At least if it is not a non chexsystems banks anymore, you can always inform us through the comment area.It would be helpful to most of us who landed here in this page from the search engine.Check it out guys, the Non chexsystems banks-2010 list .

1st Alliance XXI * (FCU)
1st Plattsburgh *
Abbotsford State Bank
ABC Bancorp ( American Banking Company )
Abrams Centre National Bank
Acacia Federal Savings Bank
Access Federal ** (CU)
Adams Bank Trust
Adrian State Bank
Advance Financial Savings
Air Academy National Bank ( Armed Forces Bank )
Alabama Central **
Alabama Gas **
Alabama National Guard **
Alabama Telco **
Alamogordo Federal Savings and Loan
Alaska Airlines E*
Alaska Pacific Bank
Alaska USA *
Albemarle First Bank
Alcoa Community *
Alisos **
Alleghany First Bank (Ash Federal, Applachian First)
Allegheny Valley Bank of Pittsburgh
Allegiance Community Bank
Allegiant Bank
Allfirst Bank
Allied **
Alpine Credit Union
Alternatives Federal Credit Union
American Express Membership Banking
American Savings **
Antioch Community *
Arapahoe Credit Union
Arcadia City *
Atchison Village **
Ballston Spa National Bank
BancWest Corporation ( Bank of the West, First Hawaiian Bank )
Bank Trust Company
Bank Audi USA
Bank Independent
Bank Midwest
Bank of Alamo
Bank of Amador
Bank of America
Bank of Bartlett
Bank of Belton
Bank of Benton
Belt Valley Bank
Blue Mountain **
BN West **
BOK Financial Corporation
Bon Marche *
Butte *
Calcoe *
California Lithuanian **
Capital Bank Corporation
Carter *
Catlin Bank
Cherry E*
Chinatown Federal Savings Bank
Church/Co-op **
Citizens National Bank
City National Bank
Colonial Bank
Columbia-Barnard ( Bethex ) Federal Credit Union
Community Plus Savings Bank
Compass Bank
Copley Los Angeles *
Cross County Federal Savings
Crossett Paper Mills E*
Customs *
Cyril State BankDelta Valley **
Desert Communities *
Downey City E*
El Cajon Federal **
El Camino College *
El Camino Hospital *
Electric *
Envision Credit Union
Equitable Federal Savings Bank
Equitable Savings Loan
Espeeco *
EW No 401 **
Excel Federal Credit Union
Family 1 Federal Credit Union
Family *
First Atlantic Federal Credit Union
First Convenience Bank
First Entertainment Credit Union
First State Bank
First Tennessee National Bank
Florida State Employees Federal Credit Union
Fort Sill National Bank
Grantsville Federal Credit Union
Great Eastern Bank
GTE Federal Credit UnionHawthorn Bank
Home Street Bank
Metcalf Bank
Mission Area Federal Credit Union (San Francisco)
Native American Bank
Navy Federal Credit Union
Nevada State Bank
Penn State Federal Credit Union
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Qualstar Credit Union
Raymond James Bank, FSB
RBC Centura Bank
River City Bank
Savannah Bank
Seattle Telco Federal Credit Union
Six Rivers National Bank
Sky Bank
South Trust Bank
South First Bancshares (First Federal of the South)
Southington Savings Bank
Southwest Bank
Stillwater National Bank Trust
Summit National Bank
Susquehanna Bancshares (Citizens Bank)
TCF Bank
Team Financial
Telesis Community **
Texans Credit Union
The University of Colorado *
Ticonderoga Federal **
Timberland Bank
Town and Country **
Tri Counties Bank
Trust mark National Bank
Unibanco ( Union Bank Trust)
Union Bank of California Nest Egg Club
Union Planters Bank
United Bank
US Bank of Walnut Creek
Wachovia Corporation
Washington **

* Federal Credit Union
** Credit Union

Monday, July 19, 2010

What is the chexsystems and how it can prevent you from getting a checking account?

The ChexSystems provides deposit account verification services to its financial institution members to help them to identify checking account applicants that may have a history of poor account mishandling. Each item entered into the Chexsystems remains there for five years, unless the financial institution that filed the report requests its removal or Chexsystems becomes obligated to remove it under law. A negative chexsystems report can prevent you from opening up a checking or savings account in the United States.

According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act or (FACTA), you are entitled to a free copy of your ChexSystems consumer report, by request, once every 12-month period. See Free ChexSystems Report to find out more about the chexsystems report and how it affects whether or not you can get approved for a new checking account. You can also order your free chexsystems report and learn how to dispute any errors that may be listed on it.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Non chexsystems checking account -Technology Credit Union

Ever heard about Technology Credit Union ?Well, this is one more list to take note in my personal list on Non chexsystems checking account.Technology Credit Union is in California,USA.It was reported it branch in Mountain View, Milpitas, San Jose, and Sunnyvale is a Non chexsystems checking account.

Technology Credit Union will overlook negatives in your ChexSystems record as long as you have a letter from the reporting bank or other proof that "all items owed have been paid".Normally they require this.Why not try Technology Credit Union to see whether they are using chex systems to verify customer that previously have a bad record.