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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Chexsystems dispute

Despite there have been a  lot of searches on the chexsystems dispute and the way of avoiding it, frankly speaking not all information provided from the internet are accurate enough to solve people's problem regarding chexsystems.

I'm thinking of providing a platform for everybody to share information and discuss on common issues which is far more effective. There have been a lot of forum discussing and talking about common chexystems issues however there is always opportunity to have better medium fro everybody gather their ideas at one place.

Of course no doubt forum is much more interactive and easy to post and get fast feedback but it also allows people to quickly share their opinions. I think shall come out with some ideas on getting new Chexsystems dispute ideas from all netizens out there as much as possibles.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to improve your credit score effectively

Firstly, Improve score and get better loan deals. If the score value is important issued by credit bureau, which works with banks and other companies and stores data on all participating in the economic life of people. It covers in general all those who, for example, concluded a mobile phone contract or signed a loan agreement. Against payment credit bureau companies such as banks, mail order companies and telecommunications companies, provides data on the saved persons. Apply for consumer credit, the respective bank is then usually with chexsystems in conjunction asking you the score of the applicant to assess its creditworthiness. The calculated value includes various credit-related information and to provide information about how high is the risk of default of the respective loan. Who wants to improve his individual result can for several reasons. For one, the score value can decide whether the credit Interested party ever obtained a loan. Secondly, interest rates are often assigned credit ratings. The better the score value, the more favorable it is the interest. Who wants to improve his score and get a loan on better terms, has several options.

check score value and Obtain self-disclosure

Who wants to improve his score, should not be expected from one day to the best results. Before credit buyers can improve their score, they should check for this at credit bureau initially. For this brings to a self-assessments and specifies that the score value is to be calculated. For this operation, the checksystems usually charged a small fee. The base core is between 0 and 100. Where 0% being the worst and 100% the best result. Who determines that the value is far below 100% and would like to improve this, should then proceed step by step. Are located in the chexsystems report obvious errors, should be allowed to correct them promptly.

improve score - Step by Step

The following tips consumers can improve their score. First of all it is important to avoid all negative influences. Consumers who want to improve their personal value should use all existing credit and mobile phone contracts properly. An affidavit and an enforcement procedure can have negative effects on the credit score. If you want to improve his score, consumers should possible on many small loans - for example, mail order houses - without. For frequent place of residence and current account changes can also have a negative impact on the creditworthiness. Resistance is estimated often positive. Unnecessary credit cards and checking accounts should terminate. Excessive current accounts and forgotten installments should be compensated or paid subsequently as soon as possible.

Writer: John

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Are you On The ChexSystems List?

You might wondering how how To Find Out If You are On The ChexSystems List.

Below were steps you can follow in order to know whether you are on the system or not.

1. You can Call the ChexSystems number. There will be a list of automated instructions you must follow.
2. Visit official ChexSystems website,, and follow the online steps to get  official (free) ChexSystems Consumer report.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Santander Bank NA and chexsystems

Santander Bank NA. on last Friday became the latest bank to agree to facilitate the selection process for potential new customer accounts and checks so that spikes minor on their credit reports not to lock them obtain bank accounts, he told the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.
The unit of US depository Spanish banking giant Banco Santander has agreed to reconsider how they use ChexSystem and other credit reporting companies consumption in assessing applications from potential new customers.

Santander will continue to monitor credit reports for fraudulent customers in the past, but no longer will block the opening of new accounts, where they are isolated overdrafts and other banking minor errors in their files.

The agreement comes after an agreement with Santander in January by Citibank NA and a similar agreement with the Capital One Financial Corp in June. All told, the three banks have a total of 613 branches in New York and 2822 branches across the country, according to Schneiderman office.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Credit score and chexsystems

Most of the Americans citizen know and understands about credit and credit score since it is actually influence their financial status.Furthermore this will play a big role towards their monetary and financial in a person's financial life.In real life actually if you live in America a bad credit report will definitely prevent you from getting a decent job especially if you are looking for a job in a financial industry. The lower your credit score it is unlikely for you to own a credit card or requesting for a loan since you do not have the capability or power to settle a payment.Almost every Americans know this facts, however less do understand the other agency called ChexSystems.It is a consumer reporting agency which is likely to had access to all of your banking information and act as a credit bureau of the banking world.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

A call from ChexSystems

It is interesting to share people's experiences they had with chexsystems. I share it here so that all of us can actually know from one of the complainant so that we can prepare and also for chexsystems itself to confirm is this from a legit source? If yes they need to do improvement. If not please deny it and clear it our for everybody dealing with ChexSystems.

Anonymous :  2/13/15 12:45pm - received a call from ChexSystems, with phone number ** on caller ID. I answered the phone and a computerized system responded. It said something to the effect my checking account problems (meaning "I had done something wrong" type problems), and it said if I know my party's extension, to please dial it now. It said if I do not know my party's extension to dial zero or stay on the line. I dialed 0. A lady named Melissa answered and asked what I needed. I said I was not sure, and I asked her what is the name of the company calling me? She said Checks Systems. I asked her what type of company it was and she had no answer specific to that question. Instead she asked what area code I was calling from, or was it 502, and I said not it is 520. Then I heard some electronic dialing, and I said "what?". She said, "oh sorry it's okay, I am just trying to see your number in order to find out who was calling you". Then I heard more electronic dialing, and I heard her faintly say my cell phone number (faintly, as if she was repeating it to herself and not to me). Then she asked if I was "she gave me my name", and I said yes. Once again, I asked what type of company were they. Instead of answering me, she got angry and said in hostile tone, "well, why did you call us if you don't know what you want" (or something to that effect - at this time I am freaked out and not focusing like I will next time). I said, this company called me, I did not call you, and I do not know who you are. As I kept talking she had apparently hung up the phone. I have the phone number of the person who called me (person or business), and that number is: **. I have tried calling that number 3 or 4 times and each time there is a voice message - ED ** - asking whoever to leave a message. I have done so a few times, and on the last one I told them that the named person they are looking for - well, it is not me - it is someone else with the same name and that they are just trying to scam money, and committing fraud. I told them they have been reported to the proper authorities and to stop these scam calls. I have nothing going on with any bank, payday loan, car, car loan - nothing at all. I have nothing, so how could there be a problem? I then told them that if they are a legitimate company, they better figure out a better way to approach people because they act like scam artists, and you don't just call someone and hang up on them??? I went online searching "Checks Systems" and I could not open the website, found nothing on the phone number, found nothing on the name ED **, except for Chandler, Arizona, then I found ChexSystems (see spelling difference?). So I called them up and told them someone is attempting fraud, trying to scam money, and phishing for money/information and they are using the name Checks Systems. The person on the phone (strong middle Eastern country accent) said they have heard of this (sure - I do not believe him). He said I could file something with them, ChexSystems. But I told him I do not need to since I have nothing going on and that I have already been in contact with MY bank, and they have absolutely nothing going with me! Anyways, that is about it. Not all details are 100 percent due to I was not prepared for this and along with freaking out a bit, remembering every exact word just did not happen.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Frequently asked question on Chexsystems

Below list of Frequently asked question on Chexsystems. It have been circulating around for years. So i compiled all the question for you to search on search engine.

Who is Chex Systems, Inc?

Is ChexSystems a credit bureau?

How long does the report stay on file? How do I get it deleted?

My account was paid. Why wasn't the report removed?

How can I see what is in my file?

Why does my consumer report only show the last 4 digits of my Social Security number, Driver's License number and/or account number?

How do I dispute information?

How do I add a statement to my file?

Why do I have to give you personal information, like my Social Security number and Driver's License number?

Why did you decline my account?

Why can't I get a copy of my spouse's report?

What does NSF activity mean?

How can I opt-out of pre-screened offers of credit?

Are all consumers subject to pre-screened offers of credit?

Who has access to my consumer file?

How do you handle online security?

How can I tell if my online session is encrypted?

What are my rights as a consumer under the FCRA?

I am a victim of identity theft. What rights do I have?

What if I still have questions? How do I contact ChexSystems?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Non chexsystems banks 2013

E-Funds and non chexsystems banks have been dramatically decrease in visitors to this site. perhaps due to low search or perhaps due to this site have been de-rank from the web search engine especially google. Anyway, i just want to share for this year 2013, on E-Funds and non chexsystems banks that some of you are looking for fresh and reliable information.

So this year 2013, this site shall share tremendously high list of E-Funds and non chexsystems banks available in the united states of America for you all to try it out and look out for second chance account or avoid E-Funds and chexsystems related issues.

By far, a lot of people email to me asking for the complete list of E-Funds and non chexsystems banks available. In fact i have already compiling it from time to time. Maybe for now if you are looking for the right banks, you are always welcome to browse or for more information related to E-Funds and non chexsystems banks and also tips and advice for you to cater your personal issues. I shall revert back to all of you readers for chexystems info if any.Thanks

Thursday, December 27, 2012

E-Funds and non chexsystems banks

A lot of people were looking for information of E-funds online and also what non chexsystems banks is all about. What you might find shall always lead you to a link that shows how do you get out from the chesystems or some of them might called how to avoid chexsystems or dispute from chexsystems. No matter what it refers to, efunds online and chexsystems is always connected.

People who get stuck into a chexsystems will face a problem on opening a new checking account. They do not have privilege anymore to open a new checking account. So most of the time people will find second chance checking account. Well despite of efunds online and checxsystems is being used widely which is almost 80% banks in United States, most people were looking for non chexsystems banks like hot cakes. So when you searched online surely you will find advice and solutions. Some might end up to sign up for free checking accounts online and some might get free consultations.

My advice, be careful on what you might get from the internet. Do not simply sign up for any scheme or sign up programme where it tells you that they will try to help you and get you out from your problem. Do your researches and ask people. If it involves banks, pick up your phones and call the banks for confirmation. This might help you and prevent you from disclosing any secret information on your accounts and so on to unregistered body or malicious fraud activity which may be harmful to yourself or specifically your money.So be wise and do your study first if you are looking for info onE-Funds and non chexsystems banks!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Does fulton bank use chexsystems

As usual it is understood that finding bank that do not use chexsystems is not an easy task. So it is came to my email asking that Does fulton bank use chexsystems ?So below info for Fulton bank.

Fulton Bank, State College PA, Non Chexsystems Banks
Check to see if people have gotten a Second Chance Checking Account at Fulton Bank, 1952 Waddle Rd, #106, State College, PA while on Chexsystems.

Fulton Bank Address:

Fulton Bank

1952 Waddle Rd, #106

State College, PA

(814) 234-1864

So far info do not have prove that fulton bank use chexsystems. So why don't you try it out yourself?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Florida Banks List that do not use chexsystems?

Are you in Florida?Why not try to have a peek on below Florida Banks which might offer you a non chexsystems checking account.

Florida Bank NameFlorida Bank Address
Alarion Bank Gainesville16404 Us Highway 441Alachua, Florida 32615-5256
Capital City Bank Direct15000 NW 140th StAlachua, Florida 32615-2601
First National Bank of AlachuaAlachua, Florida 32615
First National Bank of Alachua15000 NW 140th StAlachua, Florida 32615-2601
Gateway Bank of Central Florida15652 NW Us Highway 441Alachua, Florida 32615-5330
Millennium Bank14480 NW 152 LnAlachua, Florida 32615
Citizen Bank & Trust2372 N Scenic HwyBabson Park, Florida 33827
Bank of America45066 State Road 200Callahan, Florida 32011
Southeastern Bank542238 US Highway 1Callahan, Florida 32011-6497
Wachovia Offices542196 Us Highway 1Callahan, Florida 32011-8109
Bank of America37939 Church AveDade City, Florida 33525-4210
Bank of America13839 Us Highway 98 BypDade City, Florida 33525-5018
Boyd Baldy14142 17th StDade City, Florida 33525-3601
Centerstate Bank West Florida14045 7th StDade City, Florida 33525-4305
Florida Traditions Bank13315 Us Highway 301Dade City, Florida 33525-5455
Suntrust Bank13844 7th StDade City, Florida 33525-4914
Suntrust Bank11704 Us Highway 301Dade City, Florida 33525-1871
First National Bank Of Pasco13315 US Hwy 301Dade City, Florida 33525
Resource Express6524 NE County Road 1469Earleton, Florida 32631-6852
First Community Bank400 E Howry AveDeland, Florida 32724-5400
Riverside Bank400 E Howry AveDeland, Florida 32724-5400
Riverside Bank450 N Mcdonald AveDeland, Florida 32724-3634
Riverside Bank351 E New York AveDeland, Florida 32724-5509
Suntrust Bank302 E New York AveDeland, Florida 32724-5585
Gateway Bank4110 NW 37th Place, Suite CGainesville, Florida 32606
Florida Capital Bank Of Gainesville5023 NW 8th AveGainesville, Florida 32607
1st Credit Union of Gainesville412 E University AveGainesville, Florida 32601
Alarion Bank4373 Newberry RdGainesville, Florida 32607
Alarion Bank Gainesville4373 W Newberry RdGainesville, Florida 32607-2240
American General Finance4110 SW 34th StGainesville, Florida 32608-6528
American General Finance5205 NW 39th AveGainesville, Florida 32606-5850
American General Finance1121 NW 76th BlvdGainesville, Florida 32606-6752
Bank of America7100 Southwest Archer RdGainesville, Florida
Bank of America7606 W Newberry RdGainesville, Florida
Bank of America333 5th AveIndialantic, Florida 32903-4261
Fidelity Federal305 5th AveIndialantic, Florida 32903-4238
Regions Bank232 5th AveIndialantic, Florida 32903-3156
Rnb Indialantic417 5th AveIndialantic, Florida 32903-4240
Wachovia Offices1060 N Highway A1aIndialantic, Florida 32903-2909
Bank of America888 Cypress Gardens BlvdWinter Haven, Florida 33880-4728
Bank of America3010 Cypress Gardens RDWinter Haven, Florida 33884-2257
Bank of Central Florida515 N Broadway AveBartow, Florida 33830-3919
Center State Bank3550 Lake Ashton BlvdLake Wales, Florida 33859-5755
American Enterprise Bank of Fl10611 Deerwood Park BlvdJacksonville, Florida 32256-0509
American General Finance1706 Southside BlvdJacksonville, Florida 32216-1964
American General Finance10909 Atlantic BlvdJacksonville, Florida 32225-2933
American General Finance1036 Dunn AveJacksonville, Florida 32218-6359
American General Finance6677 103rd StJacksonville, Florida 32210-7100
American General Finance13249 City Square DrJacksonville, Florida 32218-7237
American General Finance7200 Normandy BlvdJacksonville, Florida 32205-6271
American General Finance10400 San Jose BlvdJacksonville, Florida 32257-6359
Ameris Bank8705 Perimeter Park BlvdJacksonville, Florida 32216-6353
Anderen Bank4655 Salisbury RdJacksonville, Florida 32256-0902
Midflorida Federal Credit Union129 South Kentucky AveLakeland, Florida
Sunshine State Federal Savings & Loans Association102 W BakerPlant City, Florida 33566
Sunshine State Federal Savings & Loan Associations6620 Gall Blvd Medical SquareZephyrhills, Florida 33539
First National Bank Of Pasco13315 US Hwy 301Dade City, Florida 33525
American General Finance7333 Gall BlvdZephyrhills, Florida 33541-4372
American General Finance1130 Havendale BlvdWinter Haven, Florida
American General Finance903 N Wilson AveBartow, Florida
American General Finance4277 S Florida AveLakeland, Florida
American General Finance101 W Main StLakeland, Florida
American General Finance4292 US Highway 98 NLakeland, Florida
Sunshine State Federal Savings & Loan Associations6620 Gall Blvd Medical SquareZephyrhills, Florida 33539
American General Finance7333 Gall BlvdZephyrhills, Florida 33541-4372
American General Financial Services2533 Windguard CirWesley Chpl, Florida
Bank of America5632 Gall BlvdZephyrhills, Florida 33542-3413
Bank of America1910 Bruce B Downs BlvdWesley Chapel, Florida 33544-9262
Bank of America7435 Gall BlvdZephyrhills, Florida 33541-4374
Bank of AmericaPo Box 7585Wesley Chapel, Florida 33545-0110
Centerstate Bank West Florida6930 Gall BlvdZephyrhills, Florida 33542-2513
Centerstate Bank West Florida36239 State Road 54Zephyrhills, Florida 33541-2271
Citifinancial27709 State Road 56Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544-8836
BANK OF AMERICA ATM1801 Nw Hwy 19 Crystal River Mall 82Crystal River, Florida 34428
Brannen Banks of Florida11472 N Williams StDunnellon, Florida 34432-5846
Drummond Community Bank2nd StCedar Key, Florida 32625
Perkins State Bank345 Highway 40 WInglis, Florida 34449
Superior Bank11392 N Williams StDunnellon, Florida 34432-8318
Indian River Federal Credit Union2800 20th StVero Beach, Florida 32960-6698
1st Natl Bank & Trst Co Bnkng Locations Vero Sr606030 20th StVero Beach, Florida 32966-1021
American General Finance2160 58th AveVero Beach, Florida 32966-4647
Bank of America1500 S Highway A1aVero Beach, Florida 32963-3107
Bank of America601 21st StVero Beach, Florida 32960-5494
Bank of America710 S Fleming StSebastian, Florida 32958-5015
Bank of America5780 20th StVero Beach, Florida 32966-4641
Bank of America6300 Highway A1aIndian River Shores, Florida 32963-3406
Bank of AmericaVero Beach, Florida 32960
Bank of AmericaVero Beach, Florida 32960

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hawaii Banks List with non chexsystems

Below is a list of Hawaii Banks List.Maybe not all banks is listed below, however you can always pick up your phone and try below banks whether they offer a non chexsystems banks.These could be a good list of reference for you to check a non chexsystems banks in Hawaii.

Hawaii Bank NameHawaii Bank Address
First Hawaiian BankShopping CtrEleele, Hawaii 96705
Kaumakani Federal Credit UnionEleele, Hawaii 96705
Mcbryde Federal Credit UnionEleele, Hawaii 96705
Bank of Hawaii Assisted by Bankoh by PhoneHana, Hawaii 96713
Kula Community Federal Credit UnionHana, Hawaii 96713
Honolulu Federal Credit UnionPO Box 2428Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Ala Moana CenterHonolulu, Hawaii 96801
American General Finance46-028 Kawa StKaneohe, Hawaii 96744-3819
American General Finance250 Alamaha StKahului, Hawaii 96732-2496
American General Finance395 Kilauea AveHilo, Hawaii 96720-3007
American General Finance75 Kuakini Hwy Sutite 104Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96739
American General Finance555 N King StHonolulu, Hawaii 96817-4649
American General Finance98-1268 Kaahumanu StPearl City, Hawaii 96782-3253
American General Finance94-1040 Waipio Uka StWaipahu, Hawaii 96797-4083
American Savings Bank45-1144 Kamehameha HwyKaneohe, Hawaii 96744-3226
American Savings Bank154 Papalaua StLahaina, Hawaii 96761-1616
Bank of Hawaii4405 Honoapiilani HwyLahaina, Hawaii 96761-9293
Central Pacific Bank355 Keawe Street Suite 401Lahaina, Hawaii 96761
Central Pacific Bank355 Keawe StLahaina, Hawaii 96761-2733
First Hawaiian Bank215 Papalaua StLahaina, Hawaii 96761-1692
First Hawaiian Bank5095 Napilihau StLahaina, Hawaii 96761-9198
Indy Mac Bank222 Papalaua StLahaina, Hawaii 96761-2315
Old Lahaina Center Management OfficeLahaina, Hawaii 96761
American Savings Bank55 Pukalani StMakawao, Hawaii 96768-8544
Bank of Hawaii5501 PukalaniMakawao, Hawaii 96768
First Hawaiian Bank67 Makawao AveMakawao, Hawaii 96768-8836
Bank of HawaiiPahala, Hawaii 96777
Bank of Hawaii45-3568 Mamane StHonokaa, Hawaii 96727-6973
First Hawaiian Bank45-3538 Mamane StHonokaa, Hawaii 96727-6973
Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union44-151 Paauhau StHonokaa, Hawaii 96727-6803
American Savings Bank81-6644 Mamalahoa HwyKealakekua, Hawaii 96750-8129
Bank of Hawaii81-6638 Mamalahoa HwyKealakekua, Hawaii 96750
First Hawaiian Bank81-6626 Mamalahoa HwyKealakekua, Hawaii 96750-8129

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wisconsin Banks List that do not have chexsystems?

Looking for a Wisconsin Banks List that do not have chexsystems?Below list is the complete list of banks in Wisconsin United States America.It might offer a free checking account which do not have chexsystems checking account.

Associated Bank607 E Spruce StAbbotsford, Wisconsin
Citizens Bank115 S Bagley AveBagley, Wisconsin 53801
Peoples State Bank115 S Bagley AveBagley, Wisconsin 53801
Hayward Community Credit UnionCable, Wisconsin 54821
State Bank of DrummondCable, Wisconsin 54821
Security BankPO Box 248Dallas, Wisconsin 54733-0248
Chase111 W Main StEagle, Wisconsin 53119-2025
Citizens Bank OF MOKWONA G OS90 W35680 Hwy NnEagle, Wisconsin 53119
Citizens Bank of MukwonagoS90W35680 County Road NnEagle, Wisconsin 53119
Mid Wisconsin Bank111 N Front StFairchild, Wisconsin 54741-8260
Bank of Galesville16893 S Main StGalesville, Wisconsin 54630-7704
Citizens First BankW25042 Hwy 54 & 35Centerville, Wisconsin 54630
Seven Bridges Bank16893 S Main StGalesville, Wisconsin 54630-7704
Hiawatha National BankN1555 770th StHager City, Wisconsin 54014-8027
First National Bank148 N Main StIola, Wisconsin 54945-9120
Marion State Bank505 E State StIola, Wisconsin 54945-9616
Premier Community Bank505 E State StIola, Wisconsin
Mid America Bank2317 Milton AveJanesville, Wisconsin 53547
American General Finance2833 Milton AvJanesville, Wisconsin
Anchor Bank100 W Racine StJanesville, Wisconsin
Anchor Bank2215 Holiday DrJanesville, Wisconsin
Associated Bank1717 S Center AvJanesville, Wisconsin
Associated Bank2525 Milton AveJanesville, Wisconsin 53545-0451
Associated Bank2720 N Lexington DrJanesville, Wisconsin
Bank Mutual2111 Holiday DrJanesville, Wisconsin
Chase18 N Arch StJanesville, Wisconsin 53548-3404
Chase100 W Milwaukee StJanesville, Wisconsin 53545
Bank Of Kaukauna264 W Wisconsin AvKaukauna, Wisconsin 54130
ChaseN3980 Columbia AveKaukauna, Wisconsin 54130-7570
Citizens Bank205 E Fourth StKaukauna, Wisconsin
East Wisconsin Savings Bank Sa1805 E Main StLittle Chute, Wisconsin 54140-2455
East Wisconsin Savings Bank Sa109 W 2nd StKaukauna, Wisconsin 54130-2499
East Wisconsin Savings Bank SaN3947 Columbia AveFreedom, Wisconsin 54130-7553
Harris Bank201 Main AveKaukauna, Wisconsin 54130
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans3083 White Birch StKaukauna, Wisconsin 54130-3934
State Bank Financial401 Main StLa Crosse, Wisconsin 54601
American General Finance1423 State Road 16La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601-2980
Associated Bank2402 N Rose StreetLa Crosse, Wisconsin
Associated Bank3956 Mormon Coulee RoadLa Crosse, Wisconsin
Associated Bank1630 South Losey BlvdLa Crosse, Wisconsin
Associated Bank605 State StreetLa Crosse, Wisconsin
Citizens Bank3800 State Road 16La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601-1826
Citizens State Bank620 Main StSte LOWRLa Crosse, Wisconsin 54601-1303
Coulee Bank1516 Losey Blvd SLa Crosse, Wisconsin 54601-6199
Dunham Paul Insurance Agency Inc2100 State Road 16La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601-3046
Park Bank1815 Greenway CrossMadison, Wisconsin 53713
Affordable Bankruptcy139 W Wilson StMadison, Wisconsin 53703-3236
Amcore Bank3003 E Washington AvMadison, Wisconsin
Amcore Bank8020 Excelsior DrMadison, Wisconsin
Amcore Bank4702 Verona RdMadison, Wisconsin
Amcore Bank6698 Odana RDMadison, Wisconsin 53719-1012
Amcore Bank14 W Mifflin StStop 1Madison, Wisconsin 53703-4308
American General Finance2105 Zeier RDMadison, Wisconsin 53704-7423
American General Finance6708 Odana RDMadison, Wisconsin 53719-1066
Anchor BankMadison, Wisconsin 53703
First Bank Financial CentreHartland, Wisconsin 53029
Bank Mutual8780 S Howell AveOak Crk, Wisconsin
Chase7980 S Howell AveOak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-2932
Fidelity Federal125 E Puetz RdOak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-3236
Guaranty Bank8561 S Howell AveOak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-2920
M & I Bank8900 S Howell AveOak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-3832
Maritime Savings Bank111 W Ryan RDOak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-4436
MidAmerica Bank125 E Puetz RdOak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-3236
North Shore Bank8701 S HowellOak Creek, Wisconsin
State Farm Insurance111 E Forest Hill AveOak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-3050
Tcf Bank8995 S Howell AveOak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-3803
Palmyra State Bank111 E Main StPalmyra, Wisconsin 53156-9330
U W Credit Union950 W Main StPalmyra, Wisconsin 53156
American General Finance2215 Lathrop AveRacine, Wisconsin 53405-4136
Associated Bank5439 Durand AveRacine, Wisconsin 53406-5058
Associated Bank2406 S Green Bay RDRacine, Wisconsin 53406-4924
Bank Mutual3039 S Green Bay RDRacine, Wisconsin 53403-9415
Bank Mutual5133 Douglas AveRacine, Wisconsin 53402-2029
Bank of Elmwood2704 Lathrop AveRacine, Wisconsin 53405-4159
Brown Jeremy L2053 Taylor AveRacine, Wisconsin 53403-2413
Chase500 Wisconsin AveRacine, Wisconsin 53403-1051
Chase5815 21st StRacine, Wisconsin 53406-5050
Chase4930 Douglas AveRacine, Wisconsin 53402-2465
Anchor Bank2071 Glacier DrSaint Croix Falls, Wisconsin 54024-9249
Bank Mutual144 N Washington StSt Croix Fls, Wisconsin 54024
Eagle Valley Bank102 N Washington StSaint Croix Falls, Wisconsin 54024
Investment Center101 Washington NSaint Croix Falls, Wisconsin 54024
The Riverbank2191 US Highway 8Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin 54024-8326
The Riverbank2183 Us Highway 8Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin 54024
Affordable Mortgage201 Helen Walton DRSte 4Tomah, Wisconsin 54660-3307
Farmers & Merchants Bank1001 Superior AveTomah, Wisconsin 54660-2001
Farmers State BankTomah, Wisconsin 54660
Federal Land Bank AssnTomah, Wisconsin 54660
First Bank222 W Mccoy BlvdTomah, Wisconsin 54660-3291
Ria Federal Credit UnionFort Mccoy Ext 2171Bldg 2105Tomah, Wisconsin 54660
State Farm Insurance601 N Superior AveTomah, Wisconsin 54660-1587
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans26673 County Road C ATomah, Wisconsin 54660
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans1200 Superior AveTomah, Wisconsin 54660-2642
Timberwood Bank102 E Veterans StTomah, Wisconsin 54660-3101
Community State Bank1500 Main StUnion Grove, Wisconsin 53182-1718
First Banking Center1201 Main StUnion Grove, Wisconsin 53182-1303
Investment Center of Community State Bank1500 Main StUnion Grove, Wisconsin 53182-1720
North Shore Bank1101 Main StUnion Grove, Wisconsin 53182-1302
Amcore Bank610 W Verona AveVerona, Wisconsin 53593-1835
AnchorBank420 W Verona AvVerona, Wisconsin
Bank of VeronaVerona, Wisconsin 53593
Capitol Bank108 E Verona AveVerona, Wisconsin 53593-1219
Independent Bank108 N Main StVerona, Wisconsin 53593-1102
Park Bank104 S Main StVerona, Wisconsin 53593-1420
State Bank of Cross Plains108 N Main StVerona, Wisconsin 53593-1152
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans115 S Main StVerona, Wisconsin 53593-1419
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans7256 W Mineral Point RdVerona, Wisconsin 53593-9678
Laona State Bank4519 N Branch StWabeno, Wisconsin 54566
Peoples State Bank1905 Stewart AveWausau, Wisconsin 54402
Abby Bank2100 Stewart Av Ste 100Wausau, Wisconsin 54401
Advantage Community Bank210 N 17th AveWausau, Wisconsin 54401-4223
American General Finance1800 Stewart AveSte 200Wausau, Wisconsin 54401-5394
American General Finance400 Scott StWausau, Wisconsin 54403-4826
American General Finance303 1st StWausau, Wisconsin 54403
American General Finance2711 Stewart AveWausau, Wisconsin 54401-4140
Associated Bank2711 W Stewart AvWausau, Wisconsin
Associated Bank205 Central Bridge StWausau, Wisconsin
Time Federal Savings Bank900 South 17th AveWausau, Wisconsin 54401
Walworth State Bank105 N Hwy 67Walworth, Wisconsin 53184
Peoples BankElkhorn, Wisconsin 53121-1138
1st Bank Southeast of Lake Geneva N AHighway H NLake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147
Anchor Bank772 W Main StSte 204Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147-1835
Associated Bank100 E Geneva SqLake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147-9693
Associated Bank850 N Wisconsin StElkhorn, Wisconsin
Bank of Genoa City235 Freeman StGenoa City, Wisconsin 53128
Chase426 Center StLake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147-1906
Chase38 N Washington StElkhorn, Wisconsin 53121-1750
Citizens Bank10 N Lincoln StElkhorn, Wisconsin 53121-1747

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Suntrust bank online banking sign in for chexsystems?

Is anyone know whether suntrust bank offer a non chexsystems banks to anyone?If any of you ever heard about it, or experiences on their own trying to get a checking account from this banks please do share with us the details, and what needs to do in order to open a checking account.Some of us might tried it out and got rejected also are welcome to share with us your experiences.

I went through a lot of article saying that suntrust bank offer a non chexsystems banks, but not sure what are the requirements and is there any documentation needed to ensure they accept client request to open an account with them.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

1st Advantage FCU offer non chexsystems checking accounts?

Do you get any info whether 1st Advantage FCU offer non chexsystems checking accounts?You can with them through their facebook page:

Check it out 1st Advantage FCU branch in United States:

Denbigh Branch

12891 Jefferson Ave.
Newport News, VA 23608
Relationship Manager: Dawn Everton

Lobby: M - F: 9am to 5pm Sat: 9am to 1pm
Drive Thru: M - F: 8:30am to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm
Mercury Branch

5003 W. Mercury Blvd.
Hampton, VA 23605
Relationship Manager: Lisa Crump

Lobby: M - F: 9am to 5pm Sat: 9am to 1pm
Drive Thru: M - F: 8:30am to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm
Kiln Creek Branch

110 Cybernetics Way
Yorktown, VA 23693
Relationship Manager: Paul Szabo

Lobby: M - F: 9am to 5pm Sat: 9am to 1pm
Drive Thru: M - F: 8:30am to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm
Hidenwood Branch

12490 Warwick Blvd.
Suite B
Newport News, VA 23606
Relationship Manager: Lisa Crump

Lobby: M - Th: 9am to 5pm
F: 9am to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm
Fort Eustis Branch

1317 Patton Ave.
Fort Eustis, VA 23604
Assistant Manager: Kim Bottley

Lobby: M - F: 9am to 5pm
Military Pay Days: 8am to 5pm

You can conduct Credit Union Service Center transactions at this branch.
Williamsburg Commons Branch

224 Commons Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Relationship Manager: Pamela Pearce

Lobby: M - F: 9am to 5pm Sat: 9am to 1pm
Drive Thru: M - F: 8:30am to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm
Gloucester Branch

6511 G. Wash. Mem. Hwy
Gloucester, VA 23061
Relationship Manager: Pam Galganski

Lobby: M - F: 9am to 5pm Sat: 9am to 1pm
Drive Thru: M - Th: 8:30 to 5pm
F: 8:30 to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm

You can conduct Credit Union Service Center transactions at this branch.
New Town Branch

4800 Courthouse St.
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Relationship Manager: DeAnna Kimrey

Lobby: M - F: 9am to 5pm Sat: 9am to 1pm
Drive Thru: M - Th: 8:30 to 5pm
F: 8:30 to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm

Sentara Williamsburg Branch

Reg Med Ctr Branch
400 Sentara Cr. Suite 103
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Relationship Manager: DeAnna Kimrey

Lobby: M - F: 9am to 5pm

You can conduct Credit Union Service Center transactions at this branch.
McGuire Branch

1201 Broad Rock Blvd.
Richmond, VA 23224
Relationship Manager: Amy Stachura

Lobby: M - Th: 9am to 4:30pm
F : 8 :30am to 4:30pm

You can conduct Credit Union Service Center transactions at this branch.
Coliseum Central Branch located across from Peninsula Town Center - NOW OPEN!

2014 Coliseum Dr.
Hampton, VA 23666
Relationship Manager: Lisa Crump

Lobby: M - Th: 9am to 5pm
F: 9am to 6pm
Fort Story Branch ATM Only

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Non chexsystems banks Armed Forces Bank (military)

Armed Forces Bank (military) is reported is not using chexsystems to open a checking account.If you are  interested to check with Armed Forces Bank (military) whether they actually use chexsystems or not Armed Forces Bank (military) is available at below area:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming.

Armed Forces Bank (military) website:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Non chexsystems credit unions 2011

Non chexsystems credit unions 2011 is one of the most searched by people with bad credit reports.Below list which compiled earlier also including a non chexsystems banks listed is a guide for those people who need a reference to find a Non chexsystems credit unions 2011 for this year 2012.I bet people will also looking for Non chexsystems credit unions 2012 soon enough when it is available.

Access National
Apple Creek Banking CompanyOhioN/A
Armed Forces Bank (military)Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington,
Bank of GueydanLouisianaN/A
Bank of
Bank of
Capital City BankAlabama, Florida,
Chester National BankIllinois,
Citizens State
City National Bank &
Community Bank &
Elizabethton Federal Savings
Elk Horn Bank &
Equitable Savings and
First Convenience
First Internet Bank of
First State
First State
First State Bank of
First United
Fort Sill National Bank (military)California, Delaware, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Fremont National Bank &
Glenview State
Greenville National
ING DirectOnline -
Kevil BankKentuckyN/A
Keystone Savings
Marketplace BankFloridaN/A
Old Florida
Peoples Trust & Savings
Regions BankAlabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia
Renasant BankAlabama, Mississippi,
Security Bank of Southwest MissouriMissouriN/A
Suntrust BankAlabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West
TCF BankArizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota,
Teche Federal
The Farmers State
USAA (military)Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas,
Valley State
Wayne County

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Efunds corporation chexsystems

A company called The Deluxe Corporation purchased ChexSystems in 1984.Today, ChexSystems is managed by EFunds Corporation, an independent,publicly traded company.ChexSystems is merely one of the companies that EFunds owns. Many peoplemay not have heard of them, or ChexSystems, until that very moment when theyare denied from opening a bank account.EFunds Corporation principal activities are transaction processing, riskmanagement and professional services to financial institutions & retailers,electronic funds transfer networks and government agencies.The Group operates in four segments: Electronic Payments which provideselectronic funds transfer, automated clearinghouse and other paymentprocessing services, ATM Management Services which provides ATMdeployment, management and branding services, Decision Support and RiskManagement which provides risk management based data and other products,

which ChexSystems is a part of. And other Professional Services which providesbusiness process management and IT outsourcing services.Efunds... the company that owns ChexSystems, Deluxe Corporation, also ownsCurrent Checks (a.k.a. Checks Unlimited), Designer Checks, SCAN (SharedCheck Authorization Network), the Debit Bureau, which tracks your check-writinghistory, and Deluxe Direct Marketing Services.Though most of us have never heard of them... if you ever wrote a check, used aATM machine, used a debit card, sent or received a money wire transfer, etc.etc; you have dealt with this very quiet and powerful company.More information can be found out about Efunds, the company that ownsChexSystems

809 Aberdeen Rd Drawer 9001Hampton VA 23670

Monday, January 16, 2012

Free list of banks that don’t use Chexsystems in Minnesota

This is a free list of banks that don’t use Chexsystems in Minnesota.It has been reported that in Minnesota banks cannot open an account for someone if their Chexsystem report is less than a year old.

1st United Bank – some payment is involved
Alerus Financial
Alliance Bank – some payment is involved and must over 1 year old
Altra Federal Credit Union – some payment is involved and must over 6 months old
Best Bank
BNC National Bank – some payment is involved
Community Bank Plymouth – some payment is involved
Como Northtown Community Credit Union – must be paid
First Minnentonka City Bank – must be paid and over 2 years old
First Security Bank – must be paid and over 1 year old
Members First Credit Union – must be paid and over 1 year old
TCF – go to an in-store branch
Topline Federal Credit Union – must be paid
Twin City Co-Ops – must be paid and over 1 year old
WESTconsin Credit Union- some payment is involved