Monday, January 30, 2012

Non chexsystems credit unions 2011

Non chexsystems credit unions 2011 is one of the most searched by people with bad credit reports.Below list which compiled earlier also including a non chexsystems banks listed is a guide for those people who need a reference to find a Non chexsystems credit unions 2011 for this year 2012.I bet people will also looking for Non chexsystems credit unions 2012 soon enough when it is available.

Access National
Apple Creek Banking CompanyOhioN/A
Armed Forces Bank (military)Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington,
Bank of GueydanLouisianaN/A
Bank of
Bank of
Capital City BankAlabama, Florida,
Chester National BankIllinois,
Citizens State
City National Bank &
Community Bank &
Elizabethton Federal Savings
Elk Horn Bank &
Equitable Savings and
First Convenience
First Internet Bank of
First State
First State
First State Bank of
First United
Fort Sill National Bank (military)California, Delaware, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Fremont National Bank &
Glenview State
Greenville National
ING DirectOnline -
Kevil BankKentuckyN/A
Keystone Savings
Marketplace BankFloridaN/A
Old Florida
Peoples Trust & Savings
Regions BankAlabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia
Renasant BankAlabama, Mississippi,
Security Bank of Southwest MissouriMissouriN/A
Suntrust BankAlabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West
TCF BankArizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota,
Teche Federal
The Farmers State
USAA (military)Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas,
Valley State
Wayne County

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Efunds corporation chexsystems

A company called The Deluxe Corporation purchased ChexSystems in 1984.Today, ChexSystems is managed by EFunds Corporation, an independent,publicly traded company.ChexSystems is merely one of the companies that EFunds owns. Many peoplemay not have heard of them, or ChexSystems, until that very moment when theyare denied from opening a bank account.EFunds Corporation principal activities are transaction processing, riskmanagement and professional services to financial institutions & retailers,electronic funds transfer networks and government agencies.The Group operates in four segments: Electronic Payments which provideselectronic funds transfer, automated clearinghouse and other paymentprocessing services, ATM Management Services which provides ATMdeployment, management and branding services, Decision Support and RiskManagement which provides risk management based data and other products,

which ChexSystems is a part of. And other Professional Services which providesbusiness process management and IT outsourcing services.Efunds... the company that owns ChexSystems, Deluxe Corporation, also ownsCurrent Checks (a.k.a. Checks Unlimited), Designer Checks, SCAN (SharedCheck Authorization Network), the Debit Bureau, which tracks your check-writinghistory, and Deluxe Direct Marketing Services.Though most of us have never heard of them... if you ever wrote a check, used aATM machine, used a debit card, sent or received a money wire transfer, etc.etc; you have dealt with this very quiet and powerful company.More information can be found out about Efunds, the company that ownsChexSystems

809 Aberdeen Rd Drawer 9001Hampton VA 23670

Monday, January 16, 2012

Free list of banks that don’t use Chexsystems in Minnesota

This is a free list of banks that don’t use Chexsystems in Minnesota.It has been reported that in Minnesota banks cannot open an account for someone if their Chexsystem report is less than a year old.

1st United Bank – some payment is involved
Alerus Financial
Alliance Bank – some payment is involved and must over 1 year old
Altra Federal Credit Union – some payment is involved and must over 6 months old
Best Bank
BNC National Bank – some payment is involved
Community Bank Plymouth – some payment is involved
Como Northtown Community Credit Union – must be paid
First Minnentonka City Bank – must be paid and over 2 years old
First Security Bank – must be paid and over 1 year old
Members First Credit Union – must be paid and over 1 year old
TCF – go to an in-store branch
Topline Federal Credit Union – must be paid
Twin City Co-Ops – must be paid and over 1 year old
WESTconsin Credit Union- some payment is involved