Friday, September 16, 2011

What happened if listed in Chexsystems?

Frequent ask questions is what will happened if one got listed in the chexsystems list.The fast and easy way, you will not have the permission to open a new checking accounts for at least 5 years you are listed in chexsystems list.If you happened or threaten listed in the chexsystems please check what goes wrong immediately or else you will end up 5 years with no checking accounts.

You can either contact ChexSystems at 1-877-382-7226, or request your report here:

If you confirm then, do not panic.There is still ways to solve your problems.Ever heard of non-checking banks?Some of them listed here in this chexsystems info blog, and some you may find from the search engine.Numerous website and blogs revealed which banks do not use chexsystems to verify new accounts and which banks does.All you have to do now is some searching and jot down all banks that identified as non-chexsystems banks and try to call up them for confirmation.Some also allows black listed chexsystems name to open checking account as long as they can proves that they already settle their bad credit report with evidence.

Chexsystems info:More people with credit problems

To be exact, we does not know how many people having credit problems.Chexsystems does not revealed so much information about who's on the list or how much people with credit problems to public.However, these recent trends shows that chexsystems list is on the rise.This means more people can't open a checking account because of chexsystems list .
The Federal Reserve often conducts analysis of consumer finance related topics to identify banking and finance trends. In early 2009, the Federal Reserve published the results of a “Survey of Consumer Finances” from 2004-2007. The Survey focused on a number of different aspects of consumer financial behavior, and one of the areas was whether consumers use checking accounts (and, if not, why they don’t use them).