Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Non chexsystems checking account at Capital Bank of North County

Some bank did not use chexsystems as their main checking account for bad records account holder.For an example,Capital Bank of North County has two branch locations, in Carlsbad.They actually uses Telecheck instead of ChexSystems e-fund upon verifying new accounts.

So, it is not the same system even though it is similar usage, which is to check account holder records.However, not all branches for Capital Bank of North Count uses Telecheck system.Most of them uses chexsystems e-fund to track previous records of people applying for accounts.So, just try it out Capital Bank of North County branches in Carlsbad.

Non chexsystems checking account -Norwest Bank

If you are in Wisconsin,or near to it, there is one bank that offers no chexsystems. Norwest Bank that located in Milwaukee reportedly offers their "Get Checking" money management class.They will for those with a negative in their ChexSystems record. They will grant an account after completion of the class. Norwest has locations throughout the state and in a good part of the country, so we'ld like to hear if this option is available elsewhere too!

Also, apparently at some Wisconsin branch locations of TCF National Bank, some account reps are eager to open new accounts and will skip the ChexSystems verification process. The branch locations at the Jewel Osco stores don't use ChexSystems at all, we're told. Also, the branch location at 5500 West Capitol Court in Milwaukee is very good! If you learn of any other branches where this happens, let us know! Also, be aware of their "funds availability" policy for new accounts. You most likely aren't going to have access to your money until two weeks after your first deposit.