Monday, July 19, 2010

Wescom credit union use chexsystems

Wescom Credit Union officials claim that they verify all new accounts with ChexSystems however we hear otherwise. Looking for Wescom credit union use chexsystems?Several people who have negative ChexSystems reports and were unable to open an account elsewhere found success when trying to open a savings account or a direct-deposit checking account with Wescom. (The Tustin branch is reported to be strict, however.) With a savings account you can use services such as PayPal which use EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions. As a credit union, membership is limited to residence in Los Angeles, Orange, or San Bernadino counties and to employees and their families of any of these employers. See our Credit Union tips for more information. Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any Credit Union Service Center location across the country. Let us know whether or not Wescom was able to accomodate you.

In downtown San Bernardino is reportedly a renegade branch of Washington Mutual where our tipster says they are overriding ChexSystems when an incident is more than a year old and you have a letter from the reporting bank or other proof that "all items owed have been paid."

State Listings Of Second Chance Checking Accounts

Please help us keep our list of second chance checking accounts fresh and current by informing us of new banks that approve individuals with current negative chexsystems reports and please also report banks listed in our guide that may not be accepting any new applications for checking accounts for people listed on the chexsystems. Our email address is

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What is the chexsystems and how it can prevent you from getting a checking account?

The ChexSystems provides deposit account verification services to its financial institution members to help them to identify checking account applicants that may have a history of poor account mishandling. Each item entered into the Chexsystems remains there for five years, unless the financial institution that filed the report requests its removal or Chexsystems becomes obligated to remove it under law. A negative chexsystems report can prevent you from opening up a checking or savings account in the United States.

According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act or (FACTA), you are entitled to a free copy of your ChexSystems consumer report, by request, once every 12-month period. See Free ChexSystems Report to find out more about the chexsystems report and how it affects whether or not you can get approved for a new checking account. You can also order your free chexsystems report and learn how to dispute any errors that may be listed on it.

How can the second chance checking accounts guide help me obtain a checking account with a negative chexsystems report?

This 100% free guide will help you locate financial institutions in your area that are willing to give you a second chance checking account. These include banks and financial institutions located in the United States that are willing to overlook negative items that appear on your chexsystems report plus ones that do not use the report at all.

Second Chance Checking Accounts - Louisiana

There are several nationwide banks that will approve you for a second chance checking account while on the chexsystems and current information on how to receive your free chexsystems report which can be view and accessed here. However, many local banks offer promotions for people who have a negative chexsystems report. Below is a listing of banks in Louisiana, that we were told, are currently accepting new checking applications for individuals who are on the chexsystems.

Note: This list is to be used as a reference only and we cannot guarantee that you will be approved for a checking account while on the chexsystems. Please help us keep this list up to date by visiting with bank in your area that accept people who are on the chexsystems, or whether or not you were approved for a checking account using the list below:

B&K Bank
Bank of Montgomery
Bank of Zachary
Carter Federal Credit Union
First Louisiana Bank
Peoples Bank of Louisiana

2nd chance checking account

What is 2nd chance checking account?Some might spell it as second chance checking account.Some might just use short form as 2nd chance checking account.No matter how it spell it does mean the same thing.Second chance checking accounts are bank accounts for customers who are listed in, or have been reported to, any recognized consumer checking history database like ChexSystems. By using methods like financial education and monitoring, financial institutions are able to lower their exposure to risks.

Almost all second chance checking accounts have some kind of restrictions on various account activities as well as the transactions that can be performed. One example of a restriction applied to these accounts is the denial of checkbooks.

However, most of the other features of normal checking accounts such as ATM withdrawals, online bill payments, and direct deposits are included.

Most of the banks, thrifts and credit unions use ChexSystems for the simple reason that its database is a great way for financial institutions to minimize risks. Once a person is placed in ChexSystems' database, he stays there for 5 years. It's almost impossible for anyone to get off their list.

Since ChexSystems does a poor job of assessing the quality of risk a customer might pose, the database contains many individuals who shouldn't be there in the first place. There are also wide disparities in the way banks use ChexSystems. Each bank sets its own parameters and criteria for defaulting customers.

A new program called Get Checking offers customers who can't get bank accounts the opportunity to open a checking account once again. Once the customer has passed the test, they'll be given a "parole" from ChexSystems' database and allowed to open an account once again.

The eligibility to open a second chance checking account differs from bank to bank. Some banks may require hefty opening deposits while others may require only token amounts.

A lot of banks have now relaxed their guidelines as far as opening second chance checking accounts are concerned. This is due to the realization that most customers have problems with their checking accounts due to lack of knowledge.

Some major banks have offered to provide second chance checking accounts to anyone found in the ChexSystems' list so long as the person has not committed any major, outright fraud.