Monday, May 3, 2010

Dispute chexsystems online

How to dispute chexsystems Online?Ok, here some tips for you to implement in order to dispute chexsystems.All you need now is to list out everythings needed such as your social security number, driving license , all account holders' name and do not forget on opening deposits if any.Ok now, we ready to go!

1-First of all Kept all your accounts positive (checking accounts and savings).Don't
forget to settle all overdraft fees accordingly.

2-Make sure overdraft fees paid accordingly and most importantly you get release from the bank reported about you.In your chexsystems file include explanation into it by requesting your file report and then a writing note on dispute form available.Fax it or sent it through mail directly to chexsystems.

3-Don't give up.Repeatedly try again and again.Did you know that bank and credit union managers have the option to override chexsystems by opening the account.However you need a strong reason.Ever heard about Chexsystems' product called Audit Check?Audit check can track back all cases and eliminate/override customer negative report and allow a manager open the account.But it is still not a good practice since upper management not really agree with the method.

4-A lot of us know more than 80 percent banks and financial institutions apply chexsystems.So 20 percent bank do not use chexsystems.Popular one which people always talk about is Credit Union such as Pentagon Federal Credit Union and Navy Federal Credit Union.But still you have to show them your savings accounts.But this step 4 is the last one to use if step 1 to 3 did not works.