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Finding a Non ChexSystem Banks

Millions of Americans are on a slant that they definitely do not want to be on. It’s the register formed and maintained by ChexSystems identifying people who have had banking evils in the history. It’s also the slant that prevents millions of us from receiving a new stock account each year. If you are on the file, you know how brutally it can assume your life. It is hard and pricey to live in advanced club without a stockpile account—easy tasks such as cashing a repress, paying a check, or receiving currency are made much more intricate. Check cashing fees and money orders can take a big chunk out of each salary.

If you are on the directory, it is important for you to know what ChexSystems is (and what they are not). ChexSystems is not a layer—they are a folders visitors that acts as a consumer treatment activity (CRA), collecting facts about banking customers. In particular, ChexSystems maintains a nationwide folder of banking customers who have been reported for script bad checks, defrauding banks, having unpaid stock debts, or having too many “non-sufficient income” (NSF) stuff. ChexSystems tries to keep a low municipal profile (and they’ve done a beautiful good job of it). ChexSystems does not have a band Web location, and it is relatively obstinate to find information about them.

If you are on the ChexSystems incline, you have three options.

* You can finish to live without a mound account, and pay the beyond expenses and split with the inconvenience of with Check Cashing supplies, Money Orders, and with coins for most transactions.

* You can try to get off the ChexSystems slant (which is not impossible, but can be confusing and grueling for most people).

* You can explore around for a reserve that doesn’t use ChexSystems and that will tolerate you to open an account even though you are on the ChexSystems listing. Luckily, several Federally Insured Banks and standing unions do not use ChexSystems. Unfortunately, decision one can be like ruling a needle in a haystack.

Several Web sites and classified ads collect to have a catalog of non-ChexSystems banks. Unfortunately, most of these lists are out of court and inaccurate. Even worse, many of these lists cost money (with no refunds presented!).

There are, however, some chairs to find gratis information, with a released lean of non ChexSystems banks. However, if you necessary a great tilt account, you don't need to look any spread -- we've reviewed hundreds of banks, and consider the AccountNow Visa Card account is the best minute venture shore vacant.

ChexSystems Information and

What is ChexSystems?

ChexSystems provides deposit account verification services to its financial institution members to aid them in identifying account applicants who may have a history of account mishandling (for example, people whose accounts were overdrawn and then closed by them or by their bank). ChexSystems is also licensed to do business as ChexSystems Collection Agency providing debt collection services to members participating in this service.

Is ChexSystems a credit bureau?

ChexSystems is a consumer-reporting agency governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other laws. ChexSystems Collection Agency is a debt collector subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other laws. The Federal Trade Commission enforces the FCRA and FDCPA.

How long does the report stay on file?
How do I get it deleted?

Each report submitted to ChexSystems remains on our files for five years, unless the bank or credit union that filed the report requests its removal or ChexSystems becomes obligated to remove it under applicable law. The decision to delete a report is entirely up to each bank or credit union and its individual policies.

I paid the bank. Why wasn't the report removed?

A reporting member is under no obligation to remove an accurate report of account mishandling due to payment of monies owed. However, if a collection amount is reported, the member is obligated to mark the account as paid.

How can I see what is in my file?

You can order a copy of your report from ChexSystems.

How do I dispute information?

ChexSystems Consumer Relations Department helps people who believe their file contains misinformation. Visit disputes for more information.

Why do I have to give you personal information, like my social security number and drivers license number?

ChexSystems ask for this information to ensure that they make a complete and accurate search and are able to identify all information that may pertain to you.

Why did you tell the bank not to open an account for me?

ChexSystems neither approves nor declines accounts for banks and credit unions. The decision is entirely up to them.

Why wasn't my ChexSystems report removed when I filed bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy filing only affects the collection of outstanding debts. It does not require the removal of accurate factual information concerning your account.

Why can't I get a copy of my spouse's report?

ChexSystems is required by law to deal directly with the individual to whom the information pertains. They strictly adhere to this to protect consumer privacy. To discuss the information with anyone else, ChexSystems must receive a notarized Power of Attorney or specific written instructions, signed by the consumer whose information is being requested, authorizing ChexSystems to disclose the information to the person named in the Power of Attorney.

What does NSF activity mean?

NSF ­ or non-sufficient funds ­ activity refers to overdrafts that occur on an account.

Do I pay ChexSystems or the bank?

It depends. If your report contains a record of an outstanding debt and you have received collection notices from ChexSystems Collection Agency, you pay ChexSystems Collection Agency directly by sending your check or money order to:

Attn: Consumer Relations
7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100.
Woodbury, MN 55125

In other cases, you pay the bank or credit union directly.

How do I add a statement to my file?

You are entitled to add a brief statement to your consumer file describing the nature of your dispute of the information. If you wish to add a statement to your file, you must submit your statement in writing with a clear indication that you wish the statement to be added to your file, ensuring that you sign the request. If you would like assistance in writing a clear summary of your statement, you may contact ChexSystems or obtain the assistance from your Attorney.

How do I contact ChexSystems?
Consumer Relations
(Recording only-Instructions)

Attn: Consumer Relations
7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100.
Woodbury, MN 55125

Inquiry about negative information on file:

Information you will have to send if you have been rejected by a bank or you have received notification that there is negative information on file that shows you still owe a bank money.

Either send your request in writing or by fax. Make sure you have available the following information to submit to them:

* your full name and any alias names used
* your current and prior address (5 years)
* your social security number
* your driver license and/or ID card number
* any business you signed on during the pass 5 years.

We hope that you can resolve your personal problem. If we can assist you further, please contact this office by phone, e-mail, or in writing.