Tuesday, December 15, 2009

iBankUp from UpSide a New second Chance Bank

Ever heard of iBankUp?Well if you are looking for a second chance bank for new checking accounts, then you come to the right posrt.iBankUp from UpSide are now offering new second chance bank account.
Here are some iBankUp account comes with the following features:
All the features of a checking account, even if you have bad or no credit
Avoid the hefty fees charged by traditional banks!
No monthly fee if $300 or more is loaded each month. Only $1.99 otherwise.
No overdraft fees. No decline fees.
Free Direct Deposit from employers. Deposit cash at 60,000 locations nationwide.
Write personal checks, best to pay rent or other bills.
Includes a Visa Prepaid card which is accepted like any Visa debit card. Up to 12% cash back on online purchases

With all these features, i think it is a very good deal iBankUp from UpSide had to offer.Not many bank offers a second chance checking accounts.When everyone were looking for second chance checking account that offers non chexsystems.So, this iBankUp from UpSide may not be around for so long since there is not so many non chexsystems banks available nowdays.