Monday, December 14, 2009

Debit Card May vs Checking Account

The problem with being on the ChexSystems list is that it makes it hard (if not impossible) for you to open a new checking account for several years. But what if checking accounts were not as useful as they used to be? If that were the case, being on ChexSystems might not be so bad after all. Here’s news about a trend that may make you rethink whether you really need a new checking account.

There’s a great article in the Los Angeles Times, which discusses a recent trend among large grocery stores — the refusal to accept personal checks for purchases. One large grocery chain in California (Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market) does not take personal checks at any of its 70 stores.

Another large chain (Whole Foods) is also considering a similar ban.

Here’s why they are doing it. Processing personal checks is time-consuming and expensive (and everyone is trying to reduce expenses in this economy!). Also, most people can easily pay for their groceries with cash, debit cards or credit cards. The use of credit or debit cards also provides both the customer and the retailer with some additional payment protections which are not available when checks are used.

So what do you do if you don’t have a bank account or a credit card? Simple — there are dozens of great prepaid debit card accounts available which allow you to buy things using a debit card at any retailer that accepts Visa or MasterCard.

If the checkbook becomes obsolete, then people who can’t open a checking account are in a great position — simply open a prepaid debit card account and use your shiny new Visa or MasterCard debit card to make purchases. For merchants that still accept checks (such as your landlord, or your utility company), these debit card accounts allow you to write checks online (using an online bill pay service), so you have the best of both worlds

Non Chexsystems Banking

I became interested in ChexSystems a few years ago when a friend became entangled in the ChexSystems web. ChexSystems is a credit reporting agency that reports mishaps with a bank to other banks. After becoming listed in ChexSystems it can take up to five years for the listing to be removed.

I am sure ChexSystems protects banks from fraud however ChexSystems at times prevents folks from being able to open a bank account that made a banking error like leaving a bank account overdrawn for a period of time. Even worse a bank can close an account that is in good standing when a different account at a different bank has been defaulted on and reported to ChexSystems!

In the case of my friend she deposited a large check in to her bank account. The check came back non sufficient funds and my friend did not have available cash to cover the overdraft. The bank closed the account and reported the action to ChexSystems. My friend eventually paid the bank back in full but she was still listed on ChexSystems.

Her paycheck had been direct deposited for years. Once her bank found out about the overdraft they closed her account. It was very embarrassing for her to go to Human Resources at her job and change over to paper checks.

After some searching I found that certain banks offer deposit accounts with a debit card that allow you to direct deposit your payroll or income check and use a debit card to draw the funds and pay bills.

I publish a website that offers practical solutions for consumer credit issues since May 2000. I feature a debit card that allows direct deposit to a real bank account with no credit check, guaranteed approval, no upfront fee, free direct deposit and you can shop and pay bills online.

The debit card is convenient for shopping and money management and if you consider the gas to drive to a check cashing place the time and energy to do so, plus the check cashing fees this card is a real money saver! Did I mention you can pay bills like utilities, phone, gas and electric online?

This card is not a credit card but it does offer a feature that will allow you to build credit and it reports to a credit bureau! I myself have been through the credit card lifestyle of living beyond my means. I love having a debit card, I spend what I have and that's it! Also, there are no overdraft fees!

As I stated above I have been Internet publishing for eight years. I am familiar with this card and the competitors products. I am proud to offer Account Now, they have the largest network of ATM and locations to "load" your card, which means deposit funds to your account in bank talk. Account Now does not charge an upfront fee. If you want the card click the link, no money due today. There are many sites that charge up to $100 up front just to get the card.

Second Chance Checking Account

ChexSystems protects banks from fraud however ChexSystems at times prevents folks from being able to open a bank account that made a banking error like leaving a bank account overdrawn for a period of time. Even worse a bank can close an account that is in good standing, when a different account owned by the same person, at a different bank, has been defaulted on and reported to ChexSystems!
People that can't open a checking account need an alternative that allows them to be able to bank while listed on ChexSystems, fortunately there are 2nd chance checking accounts.

Second chance checking accounts are useful when ChexSystems stops you from opening a
checking account? Get a second chance checking account with no credit check! It gets even better! If your payroll or income can be direct deposited there is no fee for direct deposit!Second chance checking accounts mean no more standing in line and paying high check cashing fees.