Friday, October 9, 2009

Non-chexsystems with Military Option

Non-chexsystems in an alternative if you get banned.You can always go for Military Options (they have mutual brushwood all over the US so you do NOT want to dispatch this one up if you are eligible for membership).You can get you checking account if you are eligible to get one!Why not try it out guys!It never hurt to try, but it hurts when you never try.Perhaps this military option is actually close in near future for people whi had their name in the chexsystems list to open a checking account .Below the link.


Important Information:

If you are eligible for membership you will get an account, They do not use chexsystems or Telecheck. So far no one has been bowed down for this account if they converge eligibility.

Revise 8-28-08 Just talked to them and they still do not use chexsystems or telecheck

Membership Information:

Eligibility Checklist
Navy Federal's tackle of the National Credit Union determined membership Administration. If you are in any of these categories, you are eligible to adhere:

All Department of Defense (DoD) uniformed personnel—Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, retirees and annuitants

All Department of Defense Reservists—Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps—regardless of drill repute—retirees and annuitants
All Army and Air National Guard Personnel—regardless of drill status—civilian employees, retirees and annuitants
All DoD Officer Candidate programs: Midshipmen and cadets at the United States Naval Academy, United States Military Academy, United States Air Force Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy and the United States Merchant Marine Academy; Other Officer Programs

All DoD civilian employees

U.S. Government employees assigned to DoD installations

DoD contractors assigned to U.S. Government installations

Family Members, counting grandparents, parents, spouses, siblings, grandchildren, children (including adopted, foster and stepchildren) and household members

Once your family members have joined, they can tender the membership opportunity to their family members, too.
- the also proposal matter accounts

Over the existence many people have been tickled to get an account at Navy FCU. Below is a person that recently got an account with them.